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How to measure for your new Designer Dog Necklace

To ensure an accurate measurement, please use a flexible tape measure. Place the tape measure around your pet and determine how you would like the necklace to fit. The tape measure should not be tight against your pet’s neck or should not be pressing on your pet’s fur.

Please allow extra room for the necklace to drape around your pooch’s necklace for that extra sparkle.

Some dogs have thicker, fluffier fur than others, and measuring too tightly often results in the jewelry pressing down on the fur, making him or her uncomfortable it it’s too tight. Please adjust your measurement to account for thicker fur.

How to store and care for your jewelry

So you and your pet can enjoy these designer necklaces for a lifetime, treat them with care. Just like your other pieces of bling, store jewelry inside a jewelry box or bag. If they are not exposed to air, sterling silver will tarnish. To restore them to their brilliance, just simply polish the sterling silver with a cleaning cloth.

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